Miller Genuine Draft has a new packaging

One of the most popular beers in the US, Miller Genuine Draft is known for its authenticity, quality, and incredibly smooth taste.

In an effort to emphasize on those elements, which contribute to the uniqueness of Miller Genuine Draft, SAB Miller has decided to redesign the bottle, giving the beer a new appearance, which is based on simplicity and high aesthetics.

The replacement of the initials MGD by the name Miller, which appears not only on the bottle top, but also on the label, are part of an effort to emphasize on the classic character of the beer and the trade mark name, with which it has been established.

The pictures of the eagle on the bottle and the label stand as a symbol of freedom, a sense with which MGD has been connected to from the beginning.

The reference to the filtering procedure, which appears on the bottom of the bottle, through which the beer gets it’s uniquely smooth taste, is in a way a symbol and guarantee of quality which underlines the premium beer’s character.


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