Riviera Peroni Nights - Elpecado

Riviera Peroni Nights bring the sense of the Italian Riviera. The first summer opening party took place in Villa Mercedes at Sunday the 8th of May, with Alexandros Christopoulos on the decks.

At Thursday, the 3 of July, another Riviera Peroni party took place at the club Elpecado, where Cristiano Spiller, the famous Italian dj and producer, has brought for once again, as he did in the club Interni, an Italian breeze with his music, always accompanied by the beer-synonym to Italian style, Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

Spiller, one of the most successful djs of the last two years, has been widely known for hits like "if this ain’t love" and "Spiller from Rio".

The party was opened by Eva Theotokatou, the well known music producer of Best radio as the opening act.



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