Pilsner Urquell International Master Bartender 2010

The 5th International Master Bartender took place in the spectacular of the Zofin Palace in the heart of the historic city and Czech capital, Prague.

Lukas Svoboda (who is the first ever Czech winner of the title) won the International Master Bartender 2010 title and he claimed victory against an impressive group of finalists representing 16 other countries.

The competition has reached new heights this year with 4.000 bartenders from 17 countries competing for the title. The participants had to compete not only over their knowledge about beer and Pilsner Urquell but also in the pouring technique in order to ensure that the distinctive taste of this unique beer is enjoyed properly by the consumer.

Lukas was really excited about his victory and expressed his love and passion about the brand. The second and third place went to Stefan Zimmermann from Germany and Efraim de Paepe from Belgium.


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