Britain’s No 1 lager.

Carling is Britain’s No 1 lager and selling over 1.5 billion pints per year accounts for 1 in 4 pints sold in the on-trade.

Carling has a true taste difference which is a result quality is paramount in brewing the most refreshing lager and as a result of our dedication to quality and our skilful brewing process.

Every summer across Britain the finest barley crops are harvested and so starts the Carling journey from grain to glass. As part of this journey we are the only brewer in the UK to own our maltings so that we can ensure the highest quality barley goes into the UK’s favourite lager.

Carling is a beer associated with football and music. With the organisation of Carling cup and the sponsorship of the 2 top Scottish teams, Glascow Rangers and Celtic FC, it is clearly the beer linked to unforgettable football memories. Finally, Carling supports some of the biggest music festivals in the UK.

United Kingdom

Light and slightly bitter
Alcohol Content:
Carling Image
Carling Image

Don't Drink and Drive